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What We Offer:

Composite ACM Panel Systems

Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) panels are commonly used for cladding buildings, typically as a form of rainscreen. Worldwide, ACM panel systems set the standard for design and architecture in today’s construction industry.

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Metal Siding Systems

Originally used for its strength, practicality & durability, metal siding has become an architectural staple in both residential and commercial applications. And with the many different profiles available on the market today, metal siding panels are used in modern, traditional, and even industrial style designing. Working with the best General Contractors, GSM has been privileged to have its name and pride fastened to many various types of structures that utilize metal siding, representing strength and beauty all over Western Washington.

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Roofing Systems

In the Pacific Northwest, rain is abundant and unpredictable. Having a reliable weather-tight roof is a must worth its weight in gold. Over the past 2 decades, GSM has been called on by Western Washington’s best General Contractors to install countless metal roofing systems all over the Greater Puget Sound area.

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Whether installing parapet copings / fascia, rain collector drainage systems, or metal awnings at truck docking areas, General Sheet Metal has the skills & ability that will give your warehouse long-lasting utility, and a sharp look that separates it from the rest.

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Drury Cabin

Randle, WA

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